My favorite neighborhood walk with my dog in Temple Terrace, Florida

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We are blessed here in our little residential city with a good number of parks.  My favorite neighborhood park is actually a combination of Riverhills Park and Boy Scout Park.  Both of these wonderful parks are great places to take your dog for a walk - not leash free - but still a beautiful place to take the pup.  Riverhills Park is located along the Hillsborough River and is on the Florida Birding Trail.  What is there to do in Riverhills Park?

Boat ramp - want to enjoy nature in a canoe, kayak or power boat? or perhaps go fresh water fishing? - It's available at this neighborhood park

Play ground - want to take your children to the playground? - It's available at this neighborhood park

Fishing on river bank - want to go fresh water fishing? - perhaps your children want to experience fishing? - It's available at this neighborhood park

Are you starting to get the picture?

Other activities include a picnic at one of the many tables available under the trees, a party or get together at the gazebo, a nice walk along the river on the boardwalk, pickle ball on the courts or perhaps gardening at the Community garden.  There are a large variety of things to do.

If you're more into nature and want a little bit of a get away, check out Boy Scout Park - you might not notice that you changed parks unless you see the sign as they are right next to each other.  Boy Scout Park offers a trail system in natural Florida.  It's a nice place to wander with your dogs among the trees, ferns and other vegetation.  Just watch out during alligator mating season (April/May) - yes, they are here!  Watch out for the spiders and mosquitoes.  If you're lucky you might spot a barred owl or perhaps a red shoulder hawk.

I must admit, that we walk our dogs through this park almost every day.  We might skip a day due to weather or being away but just about every other day we will walk through this park and the dogs love it.

Our first walk with Jimbo so many years ago (2012) was to the trails at Boy Scout Park.

Happy dog among the fernsHappy dog among the fernsJimbo, our dog, happy to be out among the ferns at Boy Scout Park.

After walking among the ferns, Jimbo just sat down in the middle of them.  I think he was looking for our other dog, Dolly, who was the 'senior' of this pair.

I am in the middle of ferns!I am in the middle of ferns!

Recently some new paths through the ferns have been cut - the dogs are enjoying going through those to see where they lead.  These ferns are a couple of feet in height, so I'm sure they are just following the path without any idea where exactly it is going.

Sometimes (not often) when "Dad" comes along, if it's hot, and we are careful...we get to play in the water at the boat ramp.  Never when it's busy, always watching for gators only for a very short period of time (I do not recommend this by the way).

Dog playing in waterDog playing in waterDog playing in the water

Water coming out of Abby's mouth in various directions (she was having a lot of fun).

Dog playing in the waterDog playing in the waterDog playing in the water

Only Abby loves the water - and when we are up in the mountains, we let her play as much as she wants (no threat of gators) - but here at home, doesn't happen very much.

Sometimes, its just a few minutes sitting on the boat ramp dock with Dad relaxing and taking in the view.  In the early morning these trees look like they have been toilet papered. There are so many white birds (mostly Ibis) that flock to this island of trees each evening and each morning they leave for the day.

Man relaxing with dogs on boat dockMan relaxing with dogs on boat dockMan relaxing with dogs on boat dock

So what does this park actually look like?

The boat ramp and playground

Approaching by boat the boat ramp at Riverhills Park and the playground in beyond in the distance.

Riverhills boat ramp and playgroundRiverhills boat ramp and playgroundView of the boat ramp and playground at Riverhills Park from the water.

The Sunsets

The sunsets can be very beautiful!  Especially in the cooler months of the year - sometimes during the summer after a thunderstorm the sunsets are spectacular also.

Sunset at Riverhills ParkSunset at Riverhills ParkBeautiful sunsets at Riverhills Park

The trees

Beautiful oak trees are among the park providing shade from the Florida heat.

Beautiful oak trees at Riverhills ParkBeautiful oak trees at Riverhills ParkThe oak trees are big, old and beautiful at Riverhills Park. The boardwalk

The boardwalk is a nice walk along the river's edge.  Watch for birds, turtles and the occasional alligator.  And please do NOT feed the alligators.  NOTE: The boardwalk was redone a few years ago with plastic wood which is not shown in this photograph.

Boardwalk at Riverhills ParkBoardwalk at Riverhills ParkThe boardwalk at Riverhills Park goes along part of the river.
Fall Color along the water's edge

The cypress trees turning to a beautiful color as fall approaches.

Fall color at Riverhills ParkFall color at Riverhills ParkThe cypress trees turn color at Riverhills Park along the boardwalk.

Entrance to Boy Scout Park

The trail system within Boy Scout Park can be a fun get away from the 'city'.  At sunset, if timed right for the sun to shine through, the trees light up beautifully.

Entrance to Boy Scout Park trailsEntrance to Boy Scout Park trailsAt sunset on a beautiful day the entrance to the trails at Boy Scout Park is lit up.

Dog Photography at Riverhills Park

In case you are curious, yes - there are some great places to take your dog and get some great photographs too.  Many of the photographs that I have shared of our dogs (Abby, Ollie, Rue and Jimbo) were taken at this park.  Here's a few photographs taken at Riverhills Park.

Dog portrait taken at Riverhills Park (Leash was removed in post processing)

Dog portrait at Riverhills ParkDog portrait at Riverhills ParkEarly morning dog portrait taken at Riverhills Park.

Full body - this dog had a great time during our photo shoot at Riverhills park near the Gazebo. Leashes were removed from the photograph in post processing.

Full body dog portrait at Riverhills ParkFull body dog portrait at Riverhills ParkMaxx and Me Pet Rescue dog portrait taken at Riverhills Park.

Jimbo among the roots of what was at one time the most iconic tree at the park.  Unfortunately, it was removed a few years ago because it was dying and branches were falling down.  We loved our Jimbo - we loved this tree - now both are memories.


Riverhills Park - 401 South Riverhills Drive, Temple Terrace Florida

Located behind Riverhills Elementary School

Boy Scout Park - located off West River Drive (west of this street) and Broxburn Avenue.  Please note - Google indicated that this park is closed, however it can be accessed from the parking lot located to the west of the intersection of West River Drive and Broxburn Avenue in Temple Terrace.

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