Beau, a former racing greyhound here in Florida

April 30, 2021  •  6 Comments

Meet Beau!  Beau is an excellent example of how great a pet a former racing greyhound can be.  Yes, Beau's previous life was a dog used in the world of gambling at the Derby Lane located in St. Petersburg, Florida.  In 2018, Florida voted and passed Amendment 13 which phased out all live dog racing by 2021.

Derby Lane, St. Petersburg

The Derby Lane in St. Petersburg opened by the family of Alexis Winning in 1925.  Now, after almost a century, dog racing has ceased at the Derby lane.  The final live greyhound racing was held on Christmas Eve and the weekend following in 2020.  The Derby Lane Greyhound Track located in St. Petersburg, Florida was the oldest continuously operating greyhound track in the country until it officially closed on December 27, 2020.  The Derby Lane does remain open (as of this writing) for simulcasting and has a poker room.

"After the races ended on Sunday, some of the greyhounds will continue to race at tracks outside of Florida, some will live on a farm with other former racers, and others will be adopted" said Winning.  Derby Lane worked with a group called "Greyhound pets of America" that has a 98% adoption rate for the former racing greyhounds.

Greyhound Pets of America (Tampa Bay)

This organization lists it's mission as "to find homes for ex-racing Greyhounds and to educate the public about this wonderful breed."  They are an all-volunteer, nonprofit chapter of the Greyhound Pets of America.


We photographed Beau at his 'retirement home' in St. Petersburg, Florida.  He was (is) the foster brother of another dog named Brie who is with the Maxx and Me Pet Rescue (  Beau enjoyed hanging out on the front porch on what appears to be the "dog relaxing couch".

Beau is a beautiful brindle greyhound with long legs and a slender body.

Greyhound - Former Derby Lane racerGreyhound - Former Derby Lane racerRetirement for a former Derby Lane, St. Petersburg, racing greyhound. Painterly portrait of Greyhound.

What's that you said?  As Beau perks up to see what is going on.

Greyhound - Former Derby Lane racerGreyhound - Former Derby Lane racerHead portrait of former racing greyhound from the Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, Florida

Beau with one of his favorite toys.

Greyhound - Former Derby Lane racerGreyhound - Former Derby Lane racerRetirement for a former Derby Lane, St. Petersburg, racing greyhound.

A painterly effect added to this head portrait of Beau - Beau was moving a little fast for the camera settings, but the cute look wins and we decided to share this photo.

Greyhound - Former Derby Lane racerGreyhound - Former Derby Lane racerHead shot of a brindle greyhound, a retired racer from the Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, Florida

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That painterly effect just makes his portraits even that much more stunning!
Greyhounds are so beautiful and have sweet personalities. Thanks for bringing awareness to their needs.
While we have known and seen many adopted greyhounds in our region, our family has never had a greyhound as a part of our mix. Hmmmm...might be something for future reference. LOL!
Angela Schneider(non-registered)
Beau is gorgeous!
I'm glad you are highlighting retired greyhounds. So many are needing homes now that racing is ending all over. I like the brindle color of the one you photographed!
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