Pet Photography - Action!

September 11, 2020  •  1 Comment

This week's pet photography theme is "Action" and I have decided to use Abby as our showcase model.  Abby loves the water - she will play in it for a good while - but prefers it to be shallow enough that she isn't forced into swimming - at least not over much distance.  We recently decided to take the dogs over to Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin, Florida.  This particular state park has an area that allows dogs on the beach - with a leash.  When we arrived and started walking the trail to the beach, we found that the tide had left a small 'pond' that had to be crossed.  For us humans, it was probably just above our knees - but to deep for the dogs to walk across.  We had camera gear that couldn't get wet either, so what's the best way to cross this?  One dog at a time!  Abby loved it and ran across no issues.  Rue decided to do it without much issue although she was not happy about it (come on we are talking about walking/swimming for 10 feet over water?).  Ollie - well, it's not an action shot, but this was her idea of how to handle it.

Yep - Ollie walked far enough to get the water to the top of her legs, belly wet and STOPPED.  So I had to walk across, give my camera to Jim, walk back and pick up the little kid.  Ollie is not into swimming - I suppose she would if her life depended on it, but as long as there is another option she will choose that one every time.

Since Abby liked running and playing in the water so much, we decided to have her do several runs across as we photographed her having fun. And she is off running across (leash dragging through the water/mud).

And then hitting the bottom as she continued across the water. Yep, she is pretty much covered with all the water and much harder to see - but she is still coming across the little water way.

I took several photographs as she ran across this little area from Jim (Dad) to me as happy as she could be - free to run! The entire sequence this is the only one that I captured her ears flying up in the air - one of my favorites.

Abby running through the waterAbby running through the waterAbby enjoying a little water crossing

At last she has just about finished crossing the waterway and ready to shake off all the water.

That's it for this week's pet photography blog.  For more pet photographers sharing their take on this theme, head over to visit Terri J Photography, photographing your pets and family in and around the Toronto area.

If you would like to book a custom pet portrait session, send an email to [email protected] or give us a call/text Linda at 813-610-2671 in the Tampa Bay area (Florida).



Kelly Middlebrooks(non-registered)
Isn't it funny how different they all are?! No matter what they do, dogs plus water = fun (to watch) for me. ;O)
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