Pet Photography - Theme "BFF" (Best Friends Forever)

August 21, 2020  •  5 Comments

This week's theme is "BFF" and in this case, it means "Best Friends Forever" as I have noticed on google that this can have another meaning.   As I think of my dogs, I realize that when you have a single dog perhaps you get more attached to them? Or maybe it's just about the personality of the dog and how you and the dog get along.  I've read that if you are taking a walk with your dog - if you allow the dog to choose the route for your walk, then you are 'companions' (perhaps BFF?) but if you always tell your dog(s) which way to go then you are not truly companions.  I guess for the most part, my dogs are companions - as Dolly had her walks that went different ways depending on the time of day.

Either way, I know for sure that when Dolly entered my world many years ago, I did not intend her to be my "BFF" but I will say she definitely did!  Everyone always told me what a special dog she was - I was so happy that she choose us to spend her dog years with once she found us.  Never to be forgotten.  Dolly was my first dog as an adult, and fortunately for me, she was my first model and she allowed me to learn more over time in the world of pet photography.

Shortly before Dolly left us, Jimbo came into our lives.  I am sure that Dolly probably special ordered him when we weren't around to notice because - well he became my new BFF once I no longer had Dolly in the physical form and the similarities between Dolly and Jimbo were like wow!  This blog post is centered around Jimbo although I have several dogs now that are working there way strongly into become additional BFFs - with Rue trying the hardest!

Jimbo was unique because he was a great hiking & photography buddy.  Many of these photographs were taken by my partner, Jim Vargas since Jimbo and I are in the photos.  One thing Jimbo was great about - if you dropped his leash, it meant stay put and in most cases he did just that.  Depending on the amount of time we had been on the road/trail, he might take advantage and curl up for a nap - but he would always stay close by.  Here he hangs out while I am taking photographs at the Historic Hagood Mill located in Pickens, South Carolina.

Hanging out on the rocks now that we have hiked to one of the areas we want to photograph.  This area is called "Sliding Rock" although I have heard that there are a lot of areas called "Sliding Rock" - this one is in the Pickens, South Carolina area close to where we were staying.

I am clueless at this point as to what we were looking at, but notice that we are both looking the same way!  Jimbo was good at letting me know if there was something that I should be aware of by simply perking up and looking - a fringe benefit for those with good hearing (Jimbo) and those with not so good hearing (me).

On our way to Brevard, North Carolina - we stopped for a dog potty break at a covered bridge park (Campbell's Covered Bridge).  Who am I kidding? A covered bridge? Let's STOP!  Jimbo and Abby were wondering why they are tied to a many people around to let Jimbo free and Abby, well she was pretty young at this time and wasn't to be trusted off leash even if it is allowed, so I have heard from other hound dog owners.

Off walking in South Carolina at the "Ninety six National Historic Site".  In my family history research I have seen references to this particular area of South Carolina and decided that I needed to visit.  This was a very nice park to visit and the scenery is beautiful and peaceful.  Most of all this is a dog friendly location were the entire family can enjoy.  The "Old Ninety Six" is located about 60 miles south of Greenville, South Carolina.

Jimbo took 'walking' to a new level - talking about companion vs dog.  Jimbo knew which way he was going to walk each time we left the house (I got more control if we were away from home).  If you attempted to go a different direction than Jimbo wanted to go, he would stop and at almost 70 pounds so did I!  I am sure that I looked rather funny as I tried to figure out which direction Jimbo wanted to go at some intersections not to mention that sometimes I was in mid step when he decided to go another direction.  He was definitely in charge!

As the girl dogs step into their new role, it appears that little Ollie is the direction decider although she will allow you to change the direction if you insist. 

Ah, the life of dogs as your best friends....

That's it for this week's pet photography blog.  For more pet photographers sharing their take on this theme, head over to visit Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography fetching pet and family portraits in Coppell, Carrollton and the greater Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex.

If you would like to book a custom pet portrait session, send an email to [email protected] or give us a call/text Linda at 813-610-2671 in the Tampa Bay area (Florida).



Tracy Allard(non-registered)
Sweet post and images Linda, I'm sure you love having them. It was good to see Abby again, I miss seeing her in your posts. Dolly and Jimbo were certainly special and I'm so glad for you that you had them in your life.
Beautiful sentiments, and it was great to see Jimbo and Abby together!
Darlene Woodward(non-registered)
I love that about "choosing the route you walk" - Kota has some fear and I've always let her choose where we go :) Love the images! So great to see you and Jimbo - beautiful pics and great memories!!! Loving the locations with the covered bridge and the footbridge.
Nicole Hrustyk(non-registered)
What a sweet expression on Dolly. I just imagine her having a big heart to go with that expression. It looks like you and your BFFs check out some amazing spots together.
Angela Schneider(non-registered)
It was an important moment for me to learn that you can have more than one BFF in your life and maybe even more than one BFF at a time. Otherwise, my husband might get left out in the cold. Hee hee. Love the images of you and Jimbo together. Thank you for sharing.
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