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June 05, 2020  •  1 Comment

This week's pet photography theme is 'landscape' and we are showing some of Florida's green summer weather (right before we are getting 5 days of  forecast for rain!).  Our adventure this week is more about 'memories' than posing our dog(s) and getting great photographs.  As we continue to stay home more, our dogs are just waiting for any adventure to come along and this morning they saw all the signs they have been waiting for.  Up early, cooler packed, cameras by the door, oh and most importantly - they are getting our leashes!  Abby was sitting by the door waiting - surely they won't go outside without letting me go too.  I told her to wait, I needed to do a few things - you could see the disappointment.  I left the doors to our truck open - when I came back I said "Go to the truck" - they ran so fast and jumped in - like little children ready for an adventure.  We are off to the Alafia River Corridor Nature Preserve in Plant City, Florida.  This is a tricky place to find - it's almost next to the Alderman's Ford Conservation Park - but not - look for the ball field complex and pull in - on the north end is the entrance to the preserve trails.

It's a cloudy, overcast day - rain forecast for early afternoon - so when we arrived and met our friends it was time to hit the trail.  Our goal - find the river - we walked quite a while, came across a smoldering fire (time out for a 911 call to get the fire department - Jim handled that while we continued on to hike).  Finally - it's here!

Here's the Alafia River - we crossed it on the metal bridge shown in the photograph below.

The boys spotted the river - now it's time to figure out how to get down to the water.  We continued walking along the edge of the river and found a spot - Abby took a dunk to cool off once we ensured there were no big creatures (like snakes or alligators).  Then they were tied to a cypress knee much to their dismay.

After a little 'fishing', food and drink we eventually head on back towards the beginning of the trail but not before Abby had some fun running along the trail and in the meadow with a new young friend!

Come on Abby - let's go into the meadow.  Abby is being a great sport, but it's a bit warm now here in Florida, high humidity and a lot more walking than she is used to.

Let's run!

Finally caught the hound dog ears flying!

The end of a 'day out' is always considered a success when the dogs all fall asleep in the back seat before we get home!  They have the entire back seat, yet Abby (the largest dog) is on the bottom, Rue has straddled across the top of Abby and Ollie is resting her head on the door arm rest handle (I think the other 1/3 of the seat was empty).

Three sleeping dogs in a truckThree sleeping dogs in a truckOur three dogs sleeping on top of each other in the back seat of the truck

This is the end of this week's adventure sharing Florida's landscape.

That's it for this week's pet photography blog.  For more pet photographers sharing their take on this theme, head over to visit Pawparazzi Pet and Animal Photography presented by Shae Pepper Photograph.

If you would like to book a custom pet portrait session, send an email to [email protected] or give us a call/text Linda at 813-610-2671 in the Tampa Bay area (Florida).



Tracy Allard(non-registered)
I can see the look of dismay on their faces when tied to the tree..."We rode in the truck and hiked out here for this? You've got to be kidding me!" LOL But the backseat image is the picture of the day, I love me a good puppy pig pile!
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