Pet Photography using shallow depth of field

March 27, 2020  •  3 Comments

This week's pet photography theme is 'shallow depth of field'.  As we continue to stay at home, and away from most all people while the world has slowly come to a new world...we decided to use the social distancing by taking the boat out on the river.  Our dogs have been out of the boat several times this week and are now getting pretty used to it.  Today's ride was longer and when we got home, they all ate and crashed!  Little Ollie has learned how to recognize the boat ramp dock from a distance and will start to jump around on the seat as we approach - the first time she did this, I thought she had to go potty.  But turned out that wasn't really the case.

Today's model is Abby - we learned some exciting news about Abby this week - her DNA sample results were in!  Yes, this adorable little face is 25% beagle (the only one I guessed), 25% tree walker coon hound (well, I guessed hound because of her beautiful ears) and then pretty much a mix of 'mutt'.

This photo of Abby was taken as we cruised down the river with a 70-200mm lens (145mm, f/4, ISO 800) - she looked back at me from the bow of the boat and I snapped this photograph with the beautiful greens of the cypress and oak trees behind her.

Happy dog AbbyHappy dog AbbyAbby, our hound mix, is a happy dog when she is outside and with her people

For more pet photographers sharing their take on this theme, head over to visit Bella and Angela of Noses & Toes Pet Photography get some fresh air for dog photos with shallow depth of field in Spokane Valley, WA.

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Tracy Allard(non-registered)
Just beautiful, if there were a thought bubble over her head, it would say "Best day ever!". I can definitely see some beagle in there, not that I would have guessed it before you planted the seed though!
Abby is such a beauty. I can definitely see the beagle in her face and I love her freckled nose. It seems to me that a boat would be a perfect escape in this crazy time.
How exciting for your pups to go on boat rides! I do see beagle in Abby! Great photo.
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