Pet Photography - Theme "Wood"

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This week's photography blog has us joining our pack at Poe Springs Park located in High Springs, Florida.  The dogs and I are all thinking, well that's Dad's nickname, 'Poe' that is - so we should check out this park.  First, I will say the park itself (entrance fee required) is very nice.  The dogs all enjoyed walking around, smelling mostly and taking care of business.  Then we found a trail and started walking on it to see where it lead (didn't see any maps to help us).

After a short asphalt walk, it switch over to a nice wooden boardwalk - we watched other people go down the path, most with wagons of swimming gear and food - so this must be the way to the spring.  It had been raining earlier in the morning, the boardwalk was wet and slippery - so caution was definitely necessary.  Here we all are with one human in tow behind us - Ollie, Rue, Abby and Jimbo.  All being good and staying on the path.  Leashes are required in the park.

The whole dog family hikingThe whole dog family hikingHiking in north Florida with our 4 dogs

Dogs are not allowed in the spring area to help protect this natural resource and keep the water clean.  There is a nice little area that we can sit and watch people swimming in the spring without being to close.  All the dogs are on leashes (removed in photoshop).  Jimbo has become camera shy and declined to have a photo taken.

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