Pet Photography - Theme "Day in the Life"

March 30, 2018  •  8 Comments

This week's pet photography theme is "Day in the Life" of a pet.  I'll have to say that there are days where I see our pets sleeping and that seems to be about the only thing they do.  It's there way of passing the time as there isn't much else to do.  However, when I start walking around the house - it seems like they follow me everywhere!  Sometimes I am lucky and they don't, but seems that they are always wondering if I am going to do something 'good'.  There are several words our dogs really respond to and two of them are "Ride" as in, "Do you want to go for a ride?" They are very smart and know this means we are going someplace in the car.  They start to get excited and they really don't care where they are going.  The other word is "Walk" and all they need is that word or the sound of their leash and they are ready to go.  

So what's a day in the life of one of our pets?  Well, it's changed somewhat now that we have more than one dog, but if you ask Jimbo, a good day is one where he gets to go somewhere whether that is a walk, a ride - or better yet - both! Course, it's always better if it's just him and I that are heading somewhere and I do that with him now that all the 'puppies' (first Abby, then Rue and Ollie) have grown up a bit.  This particular day, we went over to Wilderness Park - and with the help of Jim - we managed to take the WHOLE family.  Here's us at the beginning of the Nature Trail.

We found a fallen tree and let the kids climb around a bit.

Ollie jumped up on this log all by herself and Abby is standing on the ground. You can see size difference here! .

Ollie says "Watching birds is always fun."

And when we get home from an adventure, it's time to nap.  Jimbo jumps up on our bed. 

The puppies often curl up together, especially when they are real tired and not just taking a light nap.

Abby prefers to sleep on our bed providing Jimbo isn't there - otherwise she just find anything around the house that seems comfy!

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How fun! Looks like a great adventure for all four! Love the picture on the log and the fallen tree. Great post!
Love that nature park. Looks like a great place to walk. Good on you Jimbo for staking claim to the comfiest spot
Love the size difference between Ollie and Abby! I wish we were allowed to sleep as much as our pets do!
This looked like a fun, nice day! The one of both of them by the fallen log is perfect!
Shae Pepper(non-registered)
I really love that snap of Ollie watching birds. But that cuddle at the end is very sweet. My pupper is an only dog so she doesn't get all those nice puppy snuggles.
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