Golden Lion Tamarin - Lowry Park Zoo

February 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I love these little "golden lions" - they are small, active, bright colored and a joy to watch at the zoo.  They are a small primate found in a very small range in Eastern Brazil.  They live about 10 - 15 years and form a life long breeding pair.  Their diet consists primary of fruit, flowers, tree sap, insects and reptiles (I'm assuming small reptiles)!

They have a small 'cave like' area they can duck into when they aren't feeling up to the crowds.

Early morning sunshine...

Coming out to see what I am doing, notice the long tail on these little guys (they are small, their head will fit in the palm of my hand).

Beautiful orange fur with red tint.  They were curious when I was hanging out there for a while and gave me a variety of options to photograph them.



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