Pet Photography - Theme "Get High" (so we went to the playground!)

November 23, 2018  •  2 Comments

This week's theme is "Get High" - essentially get higher than your subject - look down at your subject.  The dogs and I walk past a couple of playgrounds several days a week - so I thought, what if I climb up the slide and my dog is at the bottom?  That would definitely meet the criteria of 'getting high' above my subject.  With Jim helping to handle Abby (my dog of choice since she is a great model) - we gave it a try.  Now, I initially thought that Abby would sit at the bottom of the slide - but Abby had a different idea. She jumped up on the slide and was trying to run up to join me at the top - which of course didn't work - but it was fun trying!

After a few rounds of trying to run up to the top to join me, we managed to get her to settle down at the bottom of the slide.

The last photograph Abby is sitting at the bottom of the stairs that would lead her up to me - we didn't give her the opportunity to climb up the stairs (that might have been a bad idea!).

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Tracy Allard(non-registered)
So cute! She really pops against that light colored background - nice job!
Really great idea! I love the last photo.
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