Dade City Pioneer Museum

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Photographing 'old stuff' is one of my favorite things to do.  This past week I joined a friend as we photographed at the Dade City Pioneer Museum.  If you haven't visited, and you like old buildings or things from the past this is definitely a place to check out.  Bring a picnic lunch, or at least a drink and some snacks as many days they will not have these things available.  On special occasions, they do have some food service, but I always bring at least water.

My first stop after entering the area with buildings is the old school house.  Absolutely one of my favorite buildings - I've listened to some visitors talk about having desks similar to those that are in this old school house (I guess school desks haven't changed that much since the pioneer days!). 

Some of you may remember 'Pa Ingalls' from books or television, and the inside of this school reminds me of that show and the old pioneer schoolhouse. Standing behind the teachers desk looking across the classroom, shows the teacher's chair, chalk board, American flag and other things in the room.

The old school house has a small furnace on the east wall.  This photo is an HDR image to provide some detail in what is outside the school house windows.

The next building we visited is The Enterprise United Methodist Church.  This church was built in 1878, more than a century ago.  There are several steps leading up and into this small church.  The picture below shows the view just inside the front door.

The last building we visited is the "John Overstreet" House.  The house is composed of a kitchen which is separate from the main house, connected by a breezeway.  The kitchen was often separate from the rest of the house to keep the heat out of the house as well as keep the 'burning' things away from the main structure.

This house has a dining room, family room and three bedrooms upstairs.  All are available for the visitor to view.  Below is the family room.

Upstairs are the bedrooms. One on each side of the house with the children's bedroom in the middle of the house.

Children's bedroom

tThe museum is considering a night time tour to provide a different, unique experience.  While I don't know whether or not the old buildings have ghosts or unexplained things happening - if you're interested in a night time tour, you might want to express interest to the staff at the museum.  I did not notice any non-humans besides my friend and I while we were photographing earlier this week.

There are many other buildings to see, but you'll need to visit!



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