McGruff - Rescue dog finds a home!

September 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A week ago, one of our close friends asked if we could take some pictures of the dog she was currently fostering for a local rescue here in the Tampa area.  Jim and I both enjoy dogs and love our Jimbo whom many may know from our facebook posts.  Our backyard is a haven for dogs, many have come and played (one actually jumped into the pond and came out looking like a black lab instead of a yellow lab - that one got a bath before he went back home to his owners).  McGruff was our latest challenge to have enjoy our backyard 'jungle' while we took his photo.  Our hope was to get some great photos that would show off his wonderful personality and find him a forever home.  Little did I know, it only took a few days for him to find his forever home - I'm hoping that our pictures helped find him that home!

Here's a couple of the pictures of McGruff.  If you have an animal that needs a photograph taken - for rescues, I will donate my time and skills in return for the opportunity and a release form to use the photos on our website. Feel free to contact us, and if we are available, we will help as many as we can.


McGruff - front viewMcGruff - front viewMcGruff running through the plants.



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