Old time photographs - Family Heirlooms

June 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When spring begins, new flowers bloom, trees bring new life with beautiful green leaves - but what about those no longer with us? I embarked on a different type of photography as I thought about family members of the past.  These photos take several family treasures and capture them into photos to be shared with others. 

The first photo, Grandmothers, includes my paternal Grandmother's dark wood table along a beautiful lace work.  On the lace work is a old well worn book - it's probably over 150 years old now -it belonged to my Great-Grandmother who passed nearly century ago. The photo was taken with lighting to enhance the old time look and feel.


The second image, Time Passing, includes several different items from my family history collection of heirlooms.  The small hour glass belonged to my maternal Grandfather while the small note was written to my Father by his Mother.  The photo was taken with very similar lighting to enhance the old time look and feel.




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