Live Oak Trees - Black and White Infrared

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Florida has beautiful oak trees - especially the live oak which can live to over 100 years old, some as many as three or four centuries are still standing and stunning.  As we travel to many different locations within Florida whether it is a park or the rural country areas, oak trees are abound everywhere.  These photos are of old live oak trees taken with an infrared filter to create a black and white photo of these beautiful trees.  Leaves are naturally converted to white for a healthy tree when capturing the infrared light produced by nature.


Infrared Live OakBlack and White, Infrared Live Oak Tree ISO 200, 23mm, f/3.8, 10 second exposure - the longer exposure caused the water in the bottom left to blur.

Live Oak tree ISO 200, 18mm, f/8.0, 20 seconds - the long exposure of 20 seconds causes some blur of the Spanish moss and leaves hanging from the live oak.

These photos were taken with a Nikon D7100 with 18-140mm lens.  A B+W Infrared filter was used to capture the infrared light instead of the visible light.  ** Note: some lenses do not work well with infrared, please google to find information regarding lenses that do not perform well and have 'hot spots' (which will ruin your picture).




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