A walk at dog-friendly Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa, Florida

April 01, 2022  •  4 Comments
One of our favorite places to take our dog(s) for a walk is a local county park called "Lettuce Lake Park". This park is enjoyed by a lot of people on a weekly basis. Just a short distance from the metro areas of Tampa including University of South Florida, New Tampa, and a short drive off Interstate 75 this park is well located along the Hillsboro...
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St. Patrick's day dress up for the dogs

March 11, 2022  •  6 Comments
Well, soon it will be the middle of March - yep - St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. As a child, I always said "I wasn't Irish, so I didn't need to wear green - at least, that's what I said when I forgot to wear green". Years later, I did a DNA test and well, found out I was 11% Irish! So I guess I should wear green to honor the Irish hol...
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Photographing for local pet rescue

February 11, 2022  •  3 Comments
This week is about giving back to the local pet rescues in our area. You would probably be surprised how many rescues there are! There are many that are breed specific and others that are for a wider range of dogs or cats. Definitely most rescues are either for cats or for dogs (I don't see many that cross this barrier). For us here at VP Shoots Ph...
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Number one reason to have photographs taken with your pet

January 07, 2022  •  8 Comments
Hi everyone! I want to share the single most important reason you should have photographs taken with your pet - it's very important. I'd love to say that you should have this done by a professional photographer - someone like us here at VP Shoots Photography (or another professional in your area) but the fact remains - you need to do this! Your pet...
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Dog Photography, People Photography, Wedding Photography - a look back at the year 2021

December 31, 2021  •  7 Comments
Wow - the year has flown by and a lot of photography has happened for us here at VP Shoots Photography! While many of you may know that I am the main photographer behind our photography - I have 2 partners that work with me - one is my lifelong partner, Jim Vargas. The other partner started helping with rescue dog photography back when my little tw...
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