Scary airport runway

August 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This past week I was going through some old images to see what I might want to create (warning - this is not a real photograph, but was created from 2 separate photographs).  Anyone out there remember the Stephen King book/movie called Langoliers?  If you do, remember how the airport runway was breaking apart as the airplane took off?  This completed photograph reminds me of that movie (I didn't read the book).

It's true that we can create a lot of unique photographs that really never happened!  We have a local park called Cypress Point that is located on the water on the path of the planes to Tampa International.  It's a great place to see planes coming in or leaving the airport for anyone that is into watching planes.  The first photograph is a plane coming in for a landing.  I darken the plane to remove any information that tells what airline it is.

Next, an old bridge that is no longer in use but provides the ability to take photographs "for a runway".  I added a little blue tones to the overall image as it was taken at dusk.

The last step was to take these photographs into On1 Layers (you can use Photoshop too).  The bottom layer is for the runway (the old bridge).  The top layer is for the plane.  Mask out everything in the plane photograph except the plane and then place the plane such that it looks like it just took off from this old runway (bridge).



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