Florida Aquarium - what to do when it rainy!

June 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Florida Aquarium is indoors - and a lot of people had the same idea to go to the aquarium after having tons of rain this week.  We need the rain, but wow this is getting to be really a bit much.  So we treked off to the aquarium to get out of the house and do a little photography along with a lot of summer camp children and a lot of other people!

As it was really busy, I ventured into specific areas to capture photographs of the fish, sharks, and what not.  The clown fish was there, often referred to now as "Nemo" swimming around with sea plant life.

A black clown fish (looks similar to a 'Nemo' except has black instead of orange).

A pot bellied seahorse is one of many different seahorses at the aquarium.  They are in the 'no-flash' night time zone as they don't like bright lights.

The jelly fish are always fun to photograph as the aquarium uses a black background and blue lights to light up these particular jelly fish.

Sharks - nurse sharks are swimming in several of the large tanks.  The aquarium offers a 'swim with the sharks' for certified divers - do you dare?

Personally, I'd rather swim with the reef fish, like this french angelfish.  Much less scary.

If you haven't taken the time to stop in and enjoy this family friendly indoor activity - perhaps you should.  There are plenty of benches to sit and watch the fish in the aquariums swim around if you want to relax, shows to listen to for those interested in learning as well as plenty of Florida wildlife to view and enjoy within an air conditioned indoor facility.



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