Eureka Springs Park, Hillsborough County

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I love this place! It's quiet most days, has a beautiful boardwalk among the trees (almost all shaded, but that also means bugs) and lots of gardens and flowers.  It's located on the road to the old Vandenburg Airport, now Tampa Executive in a somewhat secluded area making it all the more of a gem to visit.  It's dog friendly, so Dolly used to go with me years ago, then Jimbo and now Jimbo and Abby.  Abby had her first visit and seemed to enjoy the new smells.

Shortly after you enter the gardens, you'll come across this nice bridge over the spring fed water.

This water way (depending on the time of year) is filled with water lilies. They are one of my favorite flowers to photograph at this park.  Usually there are white and pink ones blooming but there are a few other varieties also.

I recently noticed that they have some small visitors in the gardens now - I can only assume that they haven't been there all the years that I have been visiting - but if you don't pay close attention, you might just miss them!

Today, amazing they are still blooming because it feels like the middle of summer already to me - but the pink snapdragons were very pretty.

In one of my earlier visits I did some infrared photography. Here's a black and white infrared photograph of one area of the park - almost looks like snow.

The boardwalk has been cleaned now, but I loved the green coloring for photographing.  It's a short walk along the swampy areas (dry in our drought right now).  Course, short if you're not being attacked by a bunch of mosquitoes which is what is often the case come summer.

For more photographs of the park, visit

Stop by sometime and enjoy a nice walk through the gardens if you haven't been here before!



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